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Another thread of her work has involved people facing chronic or catastrophic illness. As an intern and then a social worker at the American Cancer Society, Ms. Stanton met with patients and family members navigating through diagnosis, treatment and recovery.
For 14 years, she lead a support group for women with cancer atHelen's Room, in El Segundo, California. Call Helen's Room at 310-524-9429 for information about this on-going group

At UCLA, Ms. Stanton worked with psychoneuroimmunologist Dr. Margaret Kemeny and health psychologist Dr. Geoffrey Reed on research regarding immune functioning and social support for men with HIV. Together with Dr. Reed, she facilitated support groups for the research project.

Ms. Stanton consulted on a research project for women with breast cancer for the American Psychological Association. This lead to the publication of THE BREAST CANCER NOTEBOOK.

Taking a different path, Ms. Stanton worked for six years to help homeless people with multiple physical and emotional diagnoses on the affluent west side of Los Angeles and on Skid Row -- community-based social justice work that is integral to the social work tradition.

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More information about Ms. Stanton's private psychotherapy practice is available through the links to the left of this box and on her home page.