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I have practiced as a clinical social worker in traditional settings like American Cancer Society,  the UCLA Men's Project, Westside Shelter and Hunger Coalition and Skid Row Housing Trust.

At UCLA, I worked with psychoneuroimmunologist Dr. Margaret Kemeny and health psychologist Dr. Geoffrey Reed on research regarding immune functioning and social support for men with HIV. Together with Dr. Reed, I facilitated support groups for the research project.

I consulted on a research project for women with breast cancer for the American Psychological Association. This lead to the publication of THE BREAST CANCER NOTEBOOK.

Taking a different path, I worked for six years to help homeless people with multiple physical and emotional diagnoses on the affluent west side of Los Angeles and on Skid Row -- community-based social justice work that is integral to the social work tradition.


I now work by appointment in my private practice as a psychotherapist.


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More information about my private psychotherapy practice is available through the links to the left of this box and on my home page.