Psychotherapy and Meditation

From the intimate and life-altering effects of diagnosis to the indignities and frustrations of treatment, the cancer journey is joined in THE BREAST CANCER NOTEBOOK.

Each chapter offers the chance to explore how the ramifications of cancer and treatment impact your sense of self, your family, friends, work and love. Writing helps crystallize thoughts to allow for decisions and change in the face of hard-to-anticipate challenges.

The Breast Cancer Notebook is a compassionate, beautifully written guide for women to journal after a breast cancer diagnosis. This notebook offers each woman the opportunity to delve into her own experience to find signposts that help her stay true to herself as she negotiates the impact of breast cancer from the trauma of diagnosis on.
How do you communicate with your doctor?
How do you negotiate financial and workplace challenges?
How do you return to intimate and sexual relationships?
How to you care for your nutrition? physical exercise? sense of humor? spiritual life?

The Breast Cancer Notebook offers you the opportunity to explore the healing power of reflection.

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