Psychotherapy and Meditation

The Breast Cancer Notebook: The Healing Power of Reflection

From the Introduction:

Please dive in and explore the Notebook, which will be a companion as you journey through your experience with breast cancer (and a support group, if you have one).

The premise of the Notebook is that your experience and your point of view are among the most important aspects of your breast cancer journey. Through them you will negotiate everything else.

What is your experience? What is your point of view? How are they changing? The goal is to help you stay in touch with yourself as you make decisions, experience your own reactions and deal with the uncertainty that comes with the words: you have breast cancer. It would be disrespectful to pretend that the Notebook can soften that blow. Instead, it may ease the journey as you come to terms with the impact of breast cancer. Together with a support group (if you have one), the Notebook is one of your sounding boards, an instrument to hear and know yourself.

Chapter 1 Finding Your Way

Chapter 2 How Are You Coping?

Chapter 3 Breast Cancer Treatment

Chapter 4 Coping with Side Effects

Chapter 5 Communicating with Members of Your Medical Team

Chapter 6 Family and Friends

Chapter 7 Work

Chapter 8 Body Image and Sexuality

Chapter 9 Feeling Better: Relaxation, Nutrition and Exercise

Chapter 10 Ending Treatment

Chapter 11 Suggestions for the Soul

Selected Works